Dating gold artifacts

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Archaeologists have uncovered ancient artifacts that were made from meteorites that fell to Earth from space.Here are some of the most famous artifacts that originated from the cosmos.

Plant starch residue has been identified on grinding stones that date to as early as 30,000 years ago.

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Tin Hinan is sometimes referred to as "Queen of the Hoggar", and by the Tuareg as Tamenukalt which also means "leader" or "queen".

It was enough to warrant a full-scale excavation, and when we say “excavation” we mean in the 19th century sense of hacking away with spades.

The general public were even allowed to wander onto the site and do some digging for treasures of their own.

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On July 31, 1898, artist and amateur archaeologist William Donnelly apparently made an incredible discovery at Dumbuck on the northern shore of Scotland’s Firth of Clyde.