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Wpf binding not updating property

Here is the derived column: Public Class Derived Column Inherits Data Grid Text Column Protected Overloads Overrides Function Generate Element(By Val o Cell As Data Grid Cell, By Val o Data Item As Object) As Framework Element Dim o Element = My Base. Uc Text Property, o Binding) Return o Uc End Function End Class And here is the Codebehind of my usercontrol: Private Shared Sub text Changed Call Back(By Val [property] As Dependency Object, By Val args As Dependency Property Changed Event Args) Dim Uc Select Box As Uc Select = Direct Cast([property], Uc Select) Uc Select Box. New Value) End Sub Public Property Uc Text() As String Get Return Get Value(Uc Text Property) End Get Set(By Val value As String) Set Value(Uc Text Property, value) End Set End Property Public Shared Read Only Uc Text Property As Dependency Property = _ Dependency Property....

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Steam and validating

You can also set your email address and password later on....

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