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Lie backdating

(Fortune Magazine) -- It is never really a shock to find executives enriching themselves at shareholders' expense.It can sometimes be surprising, though, just how clear the evidence is, and how long it takes us to notice.The comparison suggests that the personal tax regime may have been one of the factors which impacted the desire to receive backdated options in lieu of other forms of compensation in Canada but not so in the United States. Prior to 2003, the long-term capital gains rate was generally 20%. The practice of backdating executive stock options has received significant attention in the U. financial[1] and legal[2] literature, and has recently begun to be discussed in the Canadian legal literature.[3] Backdating, in its most basic form, is the use of hindsight to selectively pick a local low point in a stock’s trading price and issue executive stock options stipulating the selected date as the grant date when, in fact, the options are granted at a later date. In 2003, the rate was reduced to 5% for individuals in the lowest two income brackets and 15% for all others.

The law also directs landlords to document their compliance with the law by keeping lead disclosure forms and tenant signatures on file.

"This case exemplifies our commitment to enforce the federal lead disclosure requirements to protect the public and our children from these unnecessary health risks." "This case sends a message to landlords that they have a responsibility to warn their tenants of known lead hazards in their apartments,"said Thomas M.

Di Biagio, United States Attorney for the District of Maryland.

However, Nuyen failed to disclose actual and potential lead hazards before leasing to tenants.

Nuyen admitted that he had notice of actual lead-paint hazards in one of his apartment buildings from District of Columbia lead inspectors, who informed him that they found lead in the building.

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Yermack figured that this wasn't just luck, and theorized that companies were timing their grants to precede good-news announcements and follow negative ones.

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